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Weather Chit Chat Issue 87 - Focus (November 2022)

Weather Chit Chat
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Hong Kong Observatory Open Day 2022

Hong Kong Observatory Open Day 2022

The Hong Kong Observatory will organise an Open Day on 26th and 27 November, to showcase ways the Observatory applies the latest technology to provide various services. Let’s check it out! (More……)

Observatory’s Aeronautical Meteorological Adviser Stations at Integrated Airport Centre

Observatory’s Aeronautical Meteorological Adviser stations at Integrated Airport Centre

Since the end of June 2022, the Observatory has been dispatching Aeronautical Meteorological Advisers to the Integrated Airport Centre of Hong Kong International Airport, to provide briefing and consultation services concerning high-impact weather in Hong Kong as well as the Asian region to the centre’s stakeholders. (More……)

Editorial Board : Daniel Yeung, Alex Tsoi, Ryan Lee, Vicky Sing, Brian Lee, Fai Chan, Ching Ching Ma