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Online Video Course On Weather And Cloud Observation

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"Online Video Course on Weather Observation" Promotes Appreciation of Sky and Clouds

Lam Ching-chi

Weather is closely related to daily life. You can invariably see a variety of clouds when you lift your head to look up at the sky. From the forms of clouds, you can gain a fair idea of the real-time weather conditions. The Public Course on Weather Observation organised by the Observatory has been well received over the years. In view of the recent popularity of online learning, we launched "Online Video Course on Weather Observation" in May this year. The course explains the basic weather observation methods and techniques, such as identification of different types of clouds, understanding meteorological observation instruments, and the use of “MyObservatory” mobile app to analyse rain intensity and obtain location-based rain forecasts and lightning forecasts plus other information, so that members of the public can learn about weather observation online anytime, anywhere.

Online Video Course on Weather Observation