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Weather Chit Chat issue 64

  • China-ASEAN Meteorological Forum
  • The Observatory's short videos hit 10 million views
  • "Friends of the Observatory" 20th Anniversary
  • "Friends of the Observatory" 20th Anniversary (continued)
  • The Observatory Launches 'Weather Notes'
  • Facelift for the "Weather Information for Schools" Webpage
  • The Observatory Launches a Mobile Version of the Location-specific Lightning Alert Webpage
  • The Observatory and DPRI Join Forces to Promote Awareness of Disaster Prevention
  • Monsoon Lows and Tropical Cyclones
  • Director Shun and Rebecca Lee on Climate Change
  • Collaborating with EMSD to Promote Climate Change Awareness among Youngsters
  • Factors affecting the movement of tropical cyclones
  • Staff promotion: Mr HUI Kin-chung
  • Observatory Staff Commended by the Public
  • Staff retirement: Mr LI Wai-ching, Mr CHAU Ming-sum, Mr CHIU Hung-yu
  • Tai Chi Tour;
    Subsidized Primary School Council Visited HKO
  • "Life Buddies" Mentoring Scheme - Job Shadowing at the Observatory

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