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Weather Chit Chat issue 60

  • HKO Wins Three Civil Service Outstanding Awards
  • Secretary So Has a Swell Time in HKO TV Studio
  • New Radar at Tate's Cairn
  • Record Broken - High Temperatures in 2015
  • An Old "Friend"
  • Little Reporters Interview HKO Director
  • Special Educational TV Programme on Climate Change - Global Warming: Clear and Present Danger
  • International Air Cadet Exchange Programme 2015
  • Hong Kong Scholar Wins WMO Research Award for Young Scientists for the First Time
  • Official Launch of "Weather Information for Astronomical Observation" Webpage
  • Joint Initiative with Earthquake Administration of Guangdong Province to Set up Temporary Seismograph Stations
  • New Cloud Type in Hong Kong: Asperitas
  • Observatory Staff Commended by the Public
  • Staff Promotions: Mr IP Wing-sing, Mr WONG Wai-kin
  • Climate change talk for the Geological Society of Hong Kong; HKO Volunteer Team take part in mooncake workshop; HKO Staff Association hosted environmental protection film screening; Colleague invited by WMO to give lectures in Thailand; DHKO attended the International Day for Disaster Reduction Seminar

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