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Weather Chit Chat issue 76

Friends of the Observatory Newsletter - Weather Chit Chat

Issue 76(March 2020)
List of Contents(7 pages in total)

  • International Climate Change Experts Gathered in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Observatory Trademark Registered
  • Observatory Launches Trial of "Mean-Sea-Level Pressure" Extended Forecast
  • "My Ocean Weather - Automatic Sea State Forecasts" Webpage
  • Strengthened Content for "Tidal Information" Webpage
  • Comprehensive Tool to Display Time Series Added to Regional Weather Webpage
  • A New Milestone for Turbulence Warnings
  • More Observatory Data Sets on Government Public Sector Information Portal
  • Cooperation Involving 'AI Data Wizard'
  • The Observatory and Government Flying Service Work Closely in Data Collection
  • Tenth Meeting of the Liaison Group for the Shipping Community
  • The Observatory's Continuous Support to "Life Buddies" Mentoring Scheme
  • Staff Retirement and Promotions: Mr Li Sun-wai, Mr Chan Ka-wah, Mr Lau Dick-shum
  • Director of Drainage Services led a delegation to visit the Observatory;
    The 51st meeting of the Liaison Group on Aviation Weather Services;
    Deputy Director of the CAAC led a delegation to visit the Observatory;
    Director of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy visited the Observatory;
    Expert Consultant of the Observatory visited HKO;
    Scientific Advisor of the Observatory visited HKO
  • Senior Marketing Specialist gave HKO staff a presentation on content marketing;
    A delegation from Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park visited the Observatory;
    Members of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps visited the Observatory;
    A delegation from the Hong Kong Sports Institute visited the Observatory
  • Observatory Staff and FoOb Volunteer Docents Commended by the Public or Organisations

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