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Weather Chit Chat issue 75

Friends of the Observatory Newsletter - Weather Chit Chat

Issue 75(December 2019)
List of Contents(7 pages in total)

  • World Meteorological Congress Once Every Four Years
  • Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Visits the Observatory
  • The Observatory Participated in "Be a Government Official for a Day" 2019 Programme
  • "Safer Living 2.0" Launch Ceremony
  • Enhanced Webpage Version of "Earth Weather"
  • New Names for Tropical Cyclones in 2019
  • First Automatic Weather Station in the Third Runway
  • Newly Launched "Regional Information on Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms" in MyObservatory app
  • Research Forum 2019 - Impacts of Super Typhoon Mangkhut
  • The Observatory's Social Media Team Visits Facebook Hong Kong Office
  • Government Mascots Form the "Guardians" on Facebook "Assemble for HK"
  • The Hong Kong Observatory Signs a Memorandum on Cooperation with the Airborne Survey and Remote Sensing Center of the Nuclear Industry
  • Weather Radar Experts From Korea Meteorological Administration Visit the Observatory
  • Summer Placement Programme @ Hong Kong Observatory
  • The Observatory's "Sky Dragon" participates in Macao International Dragon Boat Races and Cheung Chau Dragon Boat Race
  • Staff Promotions: Dr Pan Chi-kin, Mr Tong Yu-fai, Mr Chan Pak-wai
  • Observatory Staff Commended by the Public or Organisations
  • Student Reporters interviewed DHKO;
    Officers from Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau visited the Observatory;
    A delegation from Kwai Tsing District Council visited the Observatory;
    A delegation from Hong Kong Guangdong Youth Association visited the Observatory;
    The tenth meeting of Liaison Group for Broadcast Media;
    A delegation from Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited the Observatory
  • Hong Kong Red Cross visited the Observatory;
    Seminar on Tropical Cyclone Disaster Preparedness and Response;
    A delegation from Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company visited the Observatory;
    The tenth meeting of Hong Kong Observatory Liaison Group for Shipping Community

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