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Weather Chit Chat Issue 92 - New Milestones (February 2024)

Weather Chit Chat
New Milestones
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Real-time weather photo functionality added to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum at Central Pier

The Hong Kong Observatory adds Real-time Weather Photos of Central and enhances Urban-scale Meteorological Observation and Forecasts

The Observatory has added real-time weather photos at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) at Central Pier, to facilitate public understanding of the latest weather conditions over Central and Victoria Harbour. (More……)

Forecast for 1 October 2023, for mean sea level pressure (indicated by isobars) and wind speed (indicated by coloured layers) by the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) model (left) and “Pangu model” (right) made on 22 September 2023. The former forecast that a tropical cyclone would affect the northern part of the South China Sea, while the latter did not indicate development of low pressure systems in the region

Extension of Computer Model Forecasts to 15 Days and Addition of “Pangu” AI Model Products on the “Earth Weather” Webpage

The Observatory enhanced the contents of the “Earth Weather” webpage by extending the forecast period of computer model weather forecasts to 15 days and adding an artificial intelligence (AI) model for weather forecasting – the “Huawei Cloud Pangu-Weather Model” (“Pangu model”) – to the website. (More……)

The newly added photos cover five categories in the weather photo gallery: Symphony of Clouds, Atmospheric Optics, Celestial Wonders, Lightning Flashes and Other Weather Phenomena

Weather Photo Gallery adds Over a Hundred New Photos

The Observatory has updated the Community Weather Observing Scheme (CWOS) Photo Gallery on its website. More than a hundred captivating photos have been added to the gallery, including special cloud species, atmospheric optics, and other weather phenomena. (More……)

Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2024

Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2024 Now Available

The Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2024 is now available. The calendar displays beautiful photos of weather and optical phenomena contributed by members of the Community Weather Observing Scheme. (More……)