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Weather Chit Chat Issue 90 - Focus (August 2023)

Weather Chit Chat
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Extremely Hot

Very Hot Weather Warning Service Enhanced with Additional “Extremely Hot” Special Weather Tips

The Observatory enhanced the Very Hot Weather Warning service, by launching new Special Weather Tips in response to extreme heat conditions and updating the recommended precautions accompanying warnings.(More……)

Tropical Cyclone Name Collection Activity

First Stage of Tropical Cyclone Name Collection Activity

Through this Tropical Cyclone Name Collection Activity, the Observatory hopes to identify additional suitable names with Hong Kong characteristics for expanding the reserve list of tropical cyclone names of Hong Kong, China. The Observatory is also taking this opportunity to raise public awareness and knowledge of hazards caused by tropical cyclones. (More……)

Observatory Delegation Visits Beijing to Strengthen Collaborative Ties

Observatory Delegation Visits Beijing to Strengthen Collaborative Ties

Chan Pak-wai, Director of the Observatory, led a delegation comprising three other Observatory representatives to Beijing, for meetings in early July. During the trip, the delegation visited four national authorities that have close ties with the Observatory: the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), the China Earthquake Administration (CEA), and the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center (NMEFC) of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The parties discussed the directions for future collaboration. (More……)

Editorial Board : Daniel Yeung, Alex Tsoi, Ryan Lee, Vicky Sing, Fai Chan, Ching Ching Ma