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Hong Kong Observatory Open Day 2022

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Hong Kong Observatory Open Day 2022

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Hong Kong Observatory Open Day 2022 was held on 26-27 November. Held together with the launch of the Online Open Day, the On-site Open Day staged a comeback after three years, and adopted the theme of this year’s World Meteorological Day: “Early Warning and Early Action – Hydrometeorological and Climate Information for Disaster Risk Reduction”. The public responded to this event so enthusiastically that more than 310,000 ticket requests were received during the online pre-registration. The distribution of tickets was arranged by computer balloting.

The Observatory invited several uniformed groups and underprivileged communities to the Open Day, with a view to showcasing the work of the Observatory to different sectors of society, and raising public awareness of the risks associated with extreme weather exacerbated by climate change.

During the Open Day, the Director of the Observatory, Dr Cheng Cho-ming, and the Observatory’s Mascot, “Dr. Tin”, greeted the visitors and had photos taken with them. Moreover, visitors actively participated in games including a motion-sensing game in the Game Zone. Through these games, visitors could enhance their understanding of various weather warnings and signals.

Besides Observatory colleagues, over 50 volunteers from “Friends of the Observatory” acted as goodwill ambassadors to greet the visitors, ensuring the 2-day event ran smoothly.

Meanwhile, the Observatory launched the “Hong Kong Observatory Open Day 2022” website. Through this website, members of the public can readily take a virtual tour of the Observatory Headquarters from the comfort of home, to learn about the Observatory’s work and services.

Highlights of the Observatory Open Day


Dr Cheng Cho-ming posing for photos with visitors


The Open Day was held with support from Observatory colleagues and “Friends of the Observatory” volunteers