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New Tropical Cyclone Names in 2020

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Mangkhut Out, Krathon In

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We believe that no one will ever forget Super Typhoon Mangkhut, which brought damaging winds and a severe storm surge in September 2018. According to convention, the Typhoon Committee retires the names of tropical cyclones that have caused serious casualties and economic losses. Mangkhut was thus replaced, as was Rumbia, which brought torrential rain to eastern and central China.

Pulasan, contributed by Malaysia, and Krathon, contributed by Thailand, are both fruits, and have been introduced to replace Rumbia and Mangkhut, respectively.

To learn more about the updated list of tropical cyclone names and their meanings, please visit the following web page:

Tropical Cyclone Names in the western North Pacific and the South China Sea with effect from 1 January 2020

Routes of Rumbia and Mangkhut in 2018

Routes of Rumbia and Mangkhut in 2018