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Gregorian/Lunar Calendar


  • The map above displays the affected regions mentioned in the Announcement on Localised Heavy Rain, the Special Announcement on Flooding in the northern New Territories, as well as the recorded regional rainfall. User can display the affected regions in the Thunderstorm Warning and lightning locations by selecting the corresponding layers. Please browse the following webpages for the relevant precautions and points to note for:
  • When the Announcement on Localised Heavy Rain is in force, the associated symbol will be displayed near the centre of the affected region. The 18 districts are delineated by blue thin lines.
  • When the Special Announcement on Flooding in the northern New Territories is in force, the geographical region of concern will be outlined on the map in green, namely Yuen Long, Pat Heung, Kam Tin, San Tin, Ngau Tam Mei, Sheung Shui, Ta Kwu Ling and Sha Tau Kok (individually affected locations will be highlighted using green text in italic bold face).
  • When the Thunderstorm Warning is in force, the affected region will be shaded in yellow.
  • The numbers displayed near the centre of each region correspond to the minimum and maximum rainfall recorded in the region over the past 60 minutes. The rainfall displayed is provisional and only limited validation has been carried out. If the symbol M appears, it means that the system concerned is under maintenance and data is temporarily not available.
  • When there is lightning, the map will display the location of cloud-to-ground lightning strokes in the past 30 minutes.

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