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Launch of Updated Versions of "MyObservatory" Mobile App

27 January 2014

The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) launched updated version 4.1 of the mobile app "MyObservatory" on iOS platform today (28 Jan 2014). The new version features "My Weather Report" (Figure 1) and "Aviation Weather" (Figure 2). The user interface is also improved to allow more convenient selection and display of weather video clips (Figure 3).

Users can make use of the new "My Weather Report" to produce a unique image of weather report, by overlaying weather information such as real-time observational data as well as weather forecast on the weather photo provided by HKO or on photo taken by the users themselves. The weather report can then be shared to friends via email, SMS or social media tools.

With the newly added "Aviation Weather", the app provides local aviation weather information. Apart from weather reports and forecasts at Chek Lap Kok, Shek Kong and Kai Tak, useful information for those participating in aviation sports such as paragliding is also made available.

In addition, users can watch video clips on various channels such as Weather On-Air, Cool Met Stuff, and Observatory's News (available in Cantonese only) produced by HKO in the new version. Android users of the "MyObservatory" can also enjoy the three channels of weather video mentioned above on the same day by updating to version 3.3.

Members of the public are welcome to download the free app. Please refer to the following webpage for details:

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 1Sample of "My
Weather Report"

Figure 2Sample of
"Aviation Weather"

Figure 3Selection of
different channels of
weather video