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"Hong Kong Observatory" listed in the Hong Kong Top 10 Most-Searched Keywords in 2013

31 December 2013

According to the 2013 Google Search Trends in Hong Kong , the keyword "Hong Kong Observatory" ranked the top 10 Internet most-searched keywords. In addition, "Typhoon Usagi hitting Hong Kong" and "Typhoon Utor hitting Hong Kong" ranked first and seventh respectively on the list of the most-searched social topics in Hong Kong. These figures revealed that the online weather information service provided by the Observatory are gaining popularity among the public in Hong Kong, and more and more people search online for weather information.

In fact, the usage of the Observatory's online information service sets new records in recent years (Figure 1). In 2013, the total visitor statistics exceeded 60 billion, which was double the figure in 2012 (Figure 1). As the number of users gaining access to online weather information through smartphone was more than ever, usage of the" MyObservatory " mobile app in 2013 was higher than that in 2012 by 2.5 times. Visitor statistics of the app even exceeded that of the Observatory's website for the first time (Figure 1).

The Observatory has been enhancing its online weather information service continuously to meet the needs of the public. While a personalized website and a GIS-based regional weather website were launched earlier this year, a new "Automatic Regional Weather Forecast in Hong Kong" webpage was also launched recently to provide location-specific weather forecasts in Hong Kong to meet the demand for more precise weather forecast both temporally and spatially.

For more information on the new services of the Observatory, please stay tune to the What's New section on the Observatory website.

Figure 1

Figure 1