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HKO Almanac 2022 Index

Electronic version of HKO Almanac 2022


The "HKO Almanac 2022" contains the following information:
(i) traditional Chinese calendar;
(ii) solar terms and moon phases;
(iii) times of daily sunrise, sun transit, sunset, moonrise, moon transit, moonset;
(iv) times and height of high and low tides;
(v) times of meridian passage, rising and setting of the sun and planets in the form of graph;
(vi) paths of the Sun throughout the year;
(vii) star maps of the four quarters of the year;
(viii) duration of twilight in Hong Kong before sunrise and after sunset;
(ix) determination of apparent solar time;
(x) world map of time zones; and
(xi) information on solar and lunar eclipses and observation of meteor showers and planetary phenomena.

It also contains background information on calendars and the 24 solar terms as well as a popular science corner introducing "Double 'Spring Commences' and Leap Month" and the "Links Between the '24 Solar Terms' and Astronomy".

As a green initiative to reduce paper consumption and to optimize readers’ experience, we have ceased publishing the printed version of the "HKO Almanac 2022".

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Times of Sunrise, Sun Transit, Sunset, Moonrise, Moon Transit, Moonset and Tidal Predictions

24 Solar Terms

Paths of the Sun throughout the Year(Simplified / Full version)

Information on Eclipses

Times of Rise and Set of the Sun and the Planets at Hong Kong

Times of Meridian Passage of the Planets at Hong Kong

Planetary Phenomena

Night Sky in Hong Kong(January to June July to December


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Astronomical Data:

Date and Time of the 24 Solar Terms

Time, Direction and Elevation of Sun Transit

The Apparent Right Ascension and Apparent Declination of the Sun

Date and Time of the Moon Phases