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Weather Chit Chat issue 55

  • Observatory Director in "Weather Chit Chat with Young People"


  • Weather Observation and Weather Photos Competition
  • Community Weather Observation - Weather Observation Ambassador Scheme


  • Unfolding the Mysteries of Weather Warnings


  • Climate Change Q and A
  • Why is there hail when the temperature is over 20 degrees?


  • The Observatory Actively Promotes Aviation Meteorology Education
  • Hong Kong Observatory Helps Boost Co-operation between IMO and WMO
  • Meteorology Series IV Finale


  • Observatory Adds New Advisory to Help Prevent Heatstroke
  • More Personalised Contents on ""
  • New Real-Time Weather Photos Taken on Lamma Island


  • Talk, Award Presentation Ceremony, Table Tennis Tournament, Dinner for Friends of the Observatory volunteers
  • Director's Letter of Commendation Presentation Ceremony
  • Commendation from the public or organisations


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