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Weather Chit Chat issue 53

  • The Observatory 'Under the Same Sky' Reunion Dinner
  • 25th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Meteorological Society


  • My Childhood at the Observatory
  • Somewhere in Time 60 Years Ago


  • Grooming the Rising Stars with RTHK


  • A Stargazing Event
  • HKO and SCHSA in Reminder to be Prepared for the Impact of Cold Spell


  • 40th Anniversary of Information Technology at the Observatory
  • Automatic Regional Weather Forecast


  • Friendly Visits, Courses, Talks, Conferences, Meetings
  • "HKO Calendar 2014"


  • A Wonderful Memory - The Secretary for the Civil Service's Commendation
  • Best TV Weather Programme Presenter of the 3rd Quarter, 2013
  • Staff Promotion: Mr LI Sun-wai Victor
  • Staff of the Observatory Who Received Words of Thanks and Commendation from the Public or Organizations
  • Soccer Game
  • Planting Day


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