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"Stories under passing storms" on sale

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"Stories under passing storms" on sale

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To commemorate its 140th anniversary, the Observatory published a collection of essays in "Stories under passing storms". This comprises over 60 articles in Chinese and English by directors of the Observatory of different generations, serving and retired Observatory staff, stakeholders, scholars and counterparts.

The book not only documents the Observatory’s development, but also shares heart-warming human stories including experiences of previous directors of the Observatory on “pulling up” typhoon signals and unforgettable memories from their terms of office, the secret hardships Observatory colleagues faced during their work, and hair-raising experiences during the passage of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, which almost damaged the radar station.

The book also showcases the evolution of the Observatory as well as Hong Kong society over the past century through numerous precious photos. “It is truly fascinating that the book includes all the historical details and little-known historical events of the Observatory spanning a century,” said Tse Chin-wan, BBS, JP, Secretary of Environment and Ecology, while commenting on the book’s rich content. He referred to the collection of essays as proof for readers that Observatory staff have fulfilled their duties to the fullest, and served members of the public in different eras and different positions.

The book is available for sale on the online Government Bookstore, the Hong Kong Observatory Resource Centre, the Publications Sales Unit of the Information Services Department, and the Kowloon Map Publications Centre of the Lands Department.

Front cover of Stories under passing storms

Front cover of “Stories under passing storms”