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Mr Chan Pak-wai Succeeds Retiring Dr Cheng Cho-ming

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Mr Chan Pak-wai Succeeds Retiring Dr Cheng Cho-ming

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Dr Cheng Cho-ming, who served as the Director of the Observatory for nearly three years, retired in March, and Mr Chan Pak-wai assumed the role as director.

Dr Cheng, who served the Observatory for 34 years, said he has witnessed ongoing improvements to weather forecasting technology over the years, and the Observatory’s services have kept up with the times. It now provides a nine day-weather forecast, while there was only three-day forecast when he first joined. He understands that the weather has a significant impact on the public, and hopes that the Observatory can continue improving its services and provide more information to help members of the public better understand weather changes in future.

Mr Chan Pak-wai, who has taken the reins as the Director of the Observatory, said the emergence of artificial intelligence will bring earth-shattering changes to weather forecasting, public communications, and other aspects of the Observatory work. The Observatory staff will continue upholding a scientific and professional spirit and serve the public humbly with dedication.

Cool Met Stuff - Former Director Dr Cheng Cho-ming and newly appointed Director Chan Pak-wai share their stories of working at the Observatory [in Cantonese]