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Tour of the Observatory

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Tour of the Observatory

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The Hong Kong Observatory has been providing weather monitoring, forecasting and early warning services for over a century, and is closely related to people's lives. How much do you know about the Observatory?

The Observatory's headquarters is located on a hill in downtown Tsim Sha Tsui. Its exquisitely and elegantly designed historical 1883 Building became a declared monument in Hong Kong in 1984. The Observatory's headquarters was among the first observing stations to receive the World Meteorological Organization's recognition as Centennial Observing Station.

Tour of the Observatory (in Chinese)

There is a variety of meteorological instruments and structures on the lawns outside the building. The most prominent of these is the thermometer shed with its palm-leaf roof, which is used to measure temperature and calculate humidity.

Home of Thermometers (in Chinese)

The Trig "Zero" Station, near the thermometer shed, marks the origin of Hong Kong's longitude and latitude; extending from it is the Hong Kong Meridian, which was established in the earliest days of Hong Kong for the purpose of providing time services.

A Complete Record of the Hong Kong Meridian (in Chinese)

In addition, there are rain gauges with varied designs and measurement principles.

Rainfall Kingdom - Why is rainfall measured in mm (in Chinese)