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Welcome “Dr Tin" Chatbot!

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Welcome “Dr Tin" Chatbot! (Chinese Only)

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Welcome "Dr Tin" Chatbot!

Have you noticed the profile picture of "Dr Tin" on the homepage of MyObservatory mobile app? This is a new beta version of the "chatbot" function. “Dr Tin” will try his best to answer any questions you ask (such as about current weather, weather warnings, weather forecast, tidal information, Hong Kong standard time, weather forecasts of world major cities, time of sunrise or sunset, etc.).

Please note that this version of the "chatbot” is actually the "avatar" of “Dr Tin”, and he is still a newbie. For the time being, he can only reply in Chinese. We hope everybody can allow us time to improve! Let's wish “Dr Tin” all the best in his machine learning, so he can answer more questions in the future!