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Career@HKO - Experimental Officer





An Experimental Officer is mainly deployed on duties related to weather forecasting, aviation weather services, radiation monitoring, climatology, physical oceanography, geophysics, time services, data processing and information technology.

An Experimental Officer may be required to attend professional training course in meteorology during his/her probationary/trial period. He/She may be required to perform 'on-call' duty and work outdoors, shifts, outside normal office hours, or in adverse weather conditions.



Principal Experimental Officer

Chief Experimental Officer

Senior Experimental Officer

Experimental Officer


MPS Point 45-49

MPS Point 34-44

MPS Point 28-33

MPS Point 14-27

Please see Pay Scale Webpage for reference.




Entry Requirements

  1. A Bachelor's degree in Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology, Computer Science, Nuclear Science, or Electronic Engineering, from a university in Hong Kong, or equivalent;
  2. Met the language proficiency requirements of 'Level 1' results in the two language papers (Use of Chinese and Use of English) in the Common Recruitment Examination, or equivalent; and
  3. A pass result in the Basic Law and National Security Law Test.



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