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Hong Kong Observatory introduces customized SIGWX charts

Hong Kong Observatory introduces a new set of customized significant weather (SIGWX) charts on its web-based Aviation Meteorological Information Dissemination System (AMIDS) in late September 2004. Hitherto, only SIGWX charts in T4 facsimile format of standard chart areas are made available.

The new SIGWX charts are generated using significant weather data received from World Area Forecast Centres. The forecast location and intensity of the significant weather around the globe are encoded in a digital format which can be assimilated by computer. This enables computerized production of charts with customized chart area, map projection, font size of text as well as displayed colours. Click here to see an example of SIGWX chart customized for polar-route. Contrary to conventional T4 facsimile charts which are depicted in black and white, the new charts are presented in colours, making it easier to differentiate different features on the charts.

AMIDS users are welcomed to contact the Observatory ( to provide their requirements for different chart areas for SIGWX charts.