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Meteorological Data Processing System

Meteorological data processing system (METPS)

The Meteorological Data Processing System (METPS) is a computer system for acquisition, processing, and distribution of weather information to support the operation of the Hong Kong International Airport.

Weather data received by METPS

A variety of weather information is ingested routinely into the METPS. These include: 
  • synoptic weather reports received from the Gobal Telecommunication System, 
  • satellite imagery,
  • radar imagery, 
  • data from local raingauges and automatic weather stations, 
  • forecast significant weather charts and wind/temperature charts from World Area Forecast System, and
  • numerical prediction model products.

Information exchange with other parties

Retrieval of weather information by airline companies

The Aviation Meteorological Information Dissemination System is a sub-system of the METPS through which airline operators and air crew members can retrieve flight documents and other weather information.