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METPS: Exchanging Information with Air Traffic Services Units

Exchanging information with Civil Aviation Department

The METPS is directly interfaced to the Automatic Message Switching System (AMSS) of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) for efficient exchange of operational meteorological (OPMET) data with airports around the world via the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN). OPMET data includes coded messages of:

  • weather reports (METARs) and special weather reports (SPECI) of aerodromes,
  • air-reports (AIREPs) of aircraft weather observations,
  • SIGMET information of enroute hazardous weather, and
  • Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs).

Information on meteorological conditions of the HKIA and neighbouring airports are sent to the Aeronautical Information Database (AIDB) of the CAD for display at ATS units every minute.

In addition, airway winds, which are essentially grid-point wind and temperature data over the South China Sea for 15 flight levels between 10,000 and 43,000 ft, are disseminated to the Radar Data Processing and Display System (RDPDS) of the CAD for calculation of the expected arrival time of aircraft at check points.



The HKO's METPS exchanges information with the data systems of
Civil Aviation Department and Airport Authority


Exchanging information with Airport Authority

The METPS makes reference to the flight schedule obtained from the Airport Operation Database (AODB) of the Airport Authority (AA) for preparation of flight documents. The METPS also provides weather information of major cities around the world to the AODB.