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Regional Weather GIS Version  

Regional Weather in Hong Kong

Mean Wind

10-minute Mean Wind in Hong Kong

  M            :   Under Maintenance / Data Temporarily Not Available
  VRB        :   variable
 calm         :   calm
 easterly wind of 18 km/h  :   easterly wind of 18 km/h
 easterly wind of 90 km/h    :   easterly wind of 90 km/h
 Station higher than 500 metres above mean sea level            :   Station higher than 500 metres above mean sea level
   Community Weather Information Network station           :   Community Weather Information Network (Co-WIN) station(s) is/are shown in purple

 Explanatory note

Points to note:
(i)The Observatory has set up backup weather stations and anemometers in some areas. When the main weather stations or anemometers in those areas are under maintenance, the webpage will display data from the backup stations or anemometers.
(ii)Move the mouse cursor onto the place of your choice to see the values of wind direction and speed. Click the mouse once you will see a time series plot of the variation of wind direction and speed in the past 24 hours, as well as information of the station in operation.
(iii)The data displayed is provisional. Only limited data validation has been carried out.

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Direction:Southeast  Speed:10km/h  Gust:16km/h Direction:East       Speed:13km/h  Gust:18km/h Direction:Northeast  Speed:14km/h  Gust:18km/h Direction:Northeast  Speed:17km/h  Gust:26km/h Direction and speed: N/A  Gust: N/A Direction:Northeast  Speed:16km/h Direction:East       Speed:7km/h  Gust:13km/h Direction:Northeast  Speed:3km/h  Gust:8km/h Direction:East       Speed:3km/h  Gust:8km/h Direction: Variable  Speed:1 km/h  Gust:2km/h Direction and speed: N/A  Gust: N/A Direction:East       Speed:12km/h  Gust:17km/h Direction:Northeast  Speed:11km/h  Gust:17km/h Direction:Northwest  Speed:4km/h  Gust:6km/h Direction:Southeast  Speed:12km/h  Gust:16km/h Direction:Southeast  Speed:1km/h  Gust:4km/h Calm  Gust:0km/h Direction:East       Speed:12km/h  Gust:22km/h Direction:East       Speed:8km/h  Gust:16km/h Direction:South      Speed:1km/h  Gust:1km/h Direction:Northeast  Speed:5km/h  Gust:6km/h Calm  Gust:0km/h Direction:East       Speed:13km/h  Gust:19km/h Direction:East       Speed:18km/h  Gust:24km/h Direction:Northwest  Speed:1km/h  Gust:1km/h Direction:Northeast  Speed:3km/h  Gust:8km/h Direction:East       Speed:15km/h  Gust:24km/h Direction:East       Speed:30km/h  Gust:35km/h Direction: Variable  Speed:1 km/h  Gust:1km/h Direction:Northeast  Speed:6km/h  Gust:15km/h
Last revision date: <20 Nov 2019>