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Hong Kong Heat Index

Hong Kong Heat Index
time series of Hong Kong Heat Index time series of Hong Kong Heat Index
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Points to note:
(i) The numerical Hong Kong Heat Index reading above represents the average of readings in the 10 minutes ending at the indicated time
(ii) The Hong Kong Heat Index was calculated from the measured Natural Wet Bulb Temperature (Tnw), Globe Temperature (Tg) and Dry Bulb Temperature (Ta). Its value is given by 0.80Tnw + 0.05Tg + 0.15Ta. Reference : K.L. Lee, Y.H. Chan , T.C. Lee, William B. Goggins & Emily Y.Y. Chan, The development of the Hong Kong Heat Index for enhancing the heat stress information service of the Hong Kong Observatory, International Journal of Biometeorology, DOI 10.1007/s00484-015-1094-7, November 2015.
(iii) Generally speaking, the public should take appropriate precautions when the index reaches around 30 or above to prevent from adverse health effects brought by hot weather.
(iv) To see a time series plot of the Hong Kong Heat Index in the past 24 hours, please click the mouse on the station of your choice.
(v) The data displayed is provisional. Only limited data validation has been carried out.