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weather chart
DrizzleDrizzle HazeHaze 25m/s wind25m/s wind Dissipating Cold FrontDissipating Cold Front
RainRain Ice/Snow/mixed with rainIce/Snow/mixed with rain
Isobar (hPa)Isobar (air pressure values in hPa)
Axis of TroughAxis of Trough
ShowerShower Sand/DustSand/Dust Cold FrontCold Front Centre of Tropical CycloneCentre of Tropical Cyclone
ThunderstormThunderstorm Sandstorm/DuststormSandstorm/Duststorm Warm FrontWarm Front
MistMist Calm or light variable windCalm or light variable wind OcclusionOcclusion
FogFog 5m/s wind5m/s wind Stationary FrontStationary Front
  • The weather charts are presented to give the public quick access to the information. Only minimal quality control has been applied.
  • For weather charts (isobar/observations) with satellite image, please visit the "Met on Map" website.
  • Basic knowledge on common pressure patterns on weather maps can be found at the webpages of Introduction to Air Pressure (Part I) and (Part II).