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No. Title Author Year Size View
1 Measurement of radioactivity of the atmosphere & rainfall in Hong Kong 1961 - 1962 P.C. Chin 1962 1,488k pdf
*2 Comparison of the theoretical performance of various radars R.F. Apps & Y.Y. Lo 1963 1,513k pdf
*3 Rainfall measurement with a monthly raingauge P. Sham 1963 551k pdf
*4 Vector mean winds over Hong Kong 1957 - 1961 P.C. Chin 1963 810k pdf
*5 Sea surface temperatures for Hong Kong T.S. Li 1964 687k pdf
*6 Meteorological aspects of smoke pollution in Hong Kong P. Peterson 1965 1,033k pdf
*7 Tsunamis T.T. Cheng 1965 1,948k pdf
8 Some notes on the smoothing of time series J.E. Peacock 1970 1,224k pdf
*9 A statistical analysis of the intensity of typhoons, 1958 - 1968 Y.Y. Fung 1970 1,772k pdf
10 Frost, rime, sleet and other winter phenomena in Hong Kong T.T. Cheng 1970 2,034k pdf
11 Upper level troughs over Hong Kong P. Peterson 1970 2,708k pdf
12 A preliminary investigation on the duration of tropical cyclones in the Western Pacific and South China Sea, 1959 - 1968 H.M.R. Auchterlonie 1970 592k pdf
13 Response of a Jardi rate-of-rainfall recorder T.T. Cheng 1971 739k pdf
*14 Comparison of position errors in 24-hour tropical cyclone forecasts P.C. Chin & H.C. Leong 1971 2,103k pdf
15 International comparison of barometers between Hong Kong and Tokyo T.Y. Chen & N.Y. Wong 1973 3,307k pdf
*16 Some notes on runway visual range measuring equipment in the Hong Kong International Airport T.Y. Chen 1974 1,865k pdf
17 Computerization of surface climatological data in Hong Kong P.C. Chin & W.H. Kwok 1974 1,497k pdf
18 Comparison of Jardi and Workman rate-of rainfall gauges T.Y. Chen 1974 1,116k pdf
19 Prediction of daily minimum temperature in Hong Kong during the cool season P.C. Chin 1974 2,621k pdf
*20 Storm surge statistics P. Peterson 1975 1,809k pdf
21 Forecasting daily rainfall amount for a single station using satellite photographs M.Y. Chan 1976 2,029k pdf
22 Extreme temperatures in Hong Kong (Revised edition) P. Peterson 1981 3,597k pdf
23 Estimation of wind conditions in selected marine areas from land station data C.Y. Lam 1976 2,382k pdf
23s Estimation of wind conditions in selected marine areas from land station data (Supplement No. 1) C.Y. Lam 1978 1,839k pdf
24 A digital timing system for Hong Kong P.C.S. Li 1977 1,614k pdf
*25 A digital thermometer T.Y. Chen 1977 1,713k pdf
26 Variation of air pollution index in Hong Kong as determined by measurement of atmospheric natural radioactivity Y.Y. Lo 1980 1,499k pdf
27 Comparison between the Lear Siegler SM1000 Sulphur Dioxide Monitor and the Monitor Labs Model 8450 P. Peterson 1980 753k pdf
28 Earthquakes H.K. Lam 1980 4,966k pdf
29 Relationship between winds and radar echo movements in Typhoon Rose (1971) S.K. Wong 1981 1,445k pdf
30 Spherics data for Hong Kong (1978 - 1980) M.Y. Chan 1981 2,316k pdf
31 500 millibar troughs passing over Lake Baikal and the arrival of surges at Hong Kong C.Y. Lam 1976 1,552k pdf
*32 Hong Kong forecasters' manual D.J. Malone 1977 5,204k pdf
33 Evening thunderstorms in Hong Kong associated with tropical cyclones P. Peterson & H.C. Leong 1978 1,802k pdf
34 Satellite photographs as an aid to forecast tropical cyclone recurvature M.Y. Chan 1978 1,793k pdf
*35 Statistics of extreme sea-levels in Hong Kong Y.K. Chan 1983 2,133k pdf
*36 An adaptation of a spectral model for the computation of ocean waves T.S. Cheng 1985 2,878k pdf
37 Tropical cyclone wave statistics at Waglan Island, Hong Kong T.S. Cheng 1986 5,576k pdf
38 Comparison of barometers and pyrheliometers between Hong Kong and Tokyo H.N. Lee & M.Y. Yeung 1987 3,505k pdf
39 Atmospheric stability in the eastern Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong B.Y. Lee & E. Koo 1987 2,445k pdf
40 A technical description of the Royal Observatory Message Switching System Y.N. Lau 1988 4,180k pdf
41 A scheme for forecasting swell in Hong Kong H.T. Poon 1988 1,101k pdf
42 Comparison between the results obtained with the Vaisala RS18 and the Chinese GZZ59 radiosondes under operational conditions in Guangzhou N.Y. Wong 1988 2,351k pdf
43 The analysis and prediction of tides at Tai Po Kau, Hong Kong H.T. Poon & H.Y. Chiu 1988 932k pdf
44 An adaptation of a coupled-discrete model for the computation of ocean waves H.T. Poon 1988 4,488k pdf
45 A microprocessor-based unit for a drop-counting rain-gauge C.M. Tam & K.Y. Yeung 1989 4,532k pdf
46 Statistics of wind and sea state in Hong Kong coastal waters H.T. Poon & M.S. Fung 1989 3,434k pdf
47 A shallow water wave model for Hong Kong waters H.T. Poon 1989 3,673k pdf
48 Onset of the summer monsoon rain season in Hong Kong J. Chan 1989 1,157k pdf
49 A feasibility study on the use of a numerical hydrodynamical model in tidal simulations K.H. Tam, T.S. Cheng & H.T. Poon 1989 1,176k pdf
50 Optimal siting of additional seismographs in the Hong Kong short-period seismograph network S.W. Li & W.C. Lee 1989 1,265k pdf

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