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  • Education Package on Climate Change Supporting Senior Secondary Geography Curriculum

  • Friday, 28th June 2019

Early this year, the Hong Kong Observatory collaborated with Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) to publish "Geography E-learning Package about Climate Change". The education package was compiled based on the latest version of Geography Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4-6) published by the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau. The package includes a teaching kit, a mobile application about climate change and a board game learning set.

The Observatory partnered with Ho Koon again to organize a seminar for teachers on 21 June 2019. Apart from presenting the teaching kit, a fieldwork on urban microclimate was conducted with the teachers and the procedures to process and analyse the fieldwork data using the mobile application were introduced.

In addition, the geography teacher and students of Ho Dao College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) were invited to try out the role-play exercise of the teaching kit on 25 June. Through role-playing as policymakers, the students learned about the Paris Agreement and explored how to combat climate change.

Fig 1
Mr Lee Sai-ming, Senior Scientific Officer of the Observatory, presenting climate change at the seminar
Fig 2
Teachers participating in the fieldwork on urban microclimate
Fig 3
Students participating in the role-play exercise