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Web Clock (Flash)

iconNotice to users:
  • This web clock requires Adobe Flash Player 6.0 or above. You may download Adobe Flash Player here if you have not yet installed it in your browser. Alternatively, you may press here for a snapshot of the current time in text. 
  • This web clock does not change your computer time. To synchronize your PC with the Network Time Server of the Hong Kong Observatory, please visit the web page on synchronization of compute clock
  • The web clock regularly synchronizes with time servers of the Hong Kong Observatory. No time will be displayed if network connection is lost. The clock will resume automatically upon re-establishment of network connection. 
  • This web clock is designed for use in Hong Kong only. Its accuracy is affected by network latency. This effect may become significant in a congested or distant network. 
  • No time will be displayed if the time of your computer deviates from the standard time by more than 1024 seconds (about 17 minutes). Difference due to time zone setting of your computer alone would not affect the functioning of the web clock.
  • The web clock will automatically adjust for leap seconds.  



Last revision date: <21 Dec 2012>