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HKO's Calendar 2007 is on sale

HKO's Calendar 2007 is on sale
(22 November 2006)

The "Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2007" has been published. At $48 a copy, it is now on sale at the Hong Kong Observatory Resource Centre, the Kowloon Map Publications Centre of the Lands Department, the Publications Sales Unit of the Information Services Department, General Post Office, Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office, Tuen Mun Central Post Office and Sha Tin Central Post Office. Electronic book-ordering service is also available at the online Government Bookstore at Details of the online Government Bookstore can be obtained through the telephone enquiry service of the Information Services Department at 2537 1910.

"Birds in flight" has been chosen as the theme of the "Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2007". In his message to the public in the calendar, the Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr C Y Lam, highlights that the atmosphere is part of the life of birds which fly in air. They know the airflow between the two poles of the Earth much better than anybody else. The large-scale migration of birds in spring and autumn is a wonderful portrayal of the coupling between climate and life. The Hong Kong Observatory has chosen "Birds in flight" as the theme of the calendar, hoping that it would help readers have feeling of the atmosphere as the carrier of life on Earth.

The calendar also contains useful climatological and astronomical information including monthly climatological information of Hong Kong, rising/setting times of the sun and moon as well as tide. Telephone numbers and websites to get other weather and geophysical information are also listed.

This beautifully printed and attractively presented calendar would be an excellent gift to friends and relatives for Christmas and the New Year.


Cover of 'Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2007'

Cover of "Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2007"