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Strong Monsoon Signal

Strong Monsoon Signal

Database records since 1950

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Commencing 10 October 2011, the Warnings and Signals Database would also display the provisional records of recent warnings/signals in addition to the official records. Provisional records will normally be checked during the first working day after the expiry or cancellation of the warning/signal for confirmation to be accepted as official records.

NB: Records shown in blue background and Italic font are provisional information for reference only.

Strong Monsoon Signal as displayed in this database between 1 January 1950 and 14 April 1956 refers to the "Local Strong Wind Signal" adopted in Hong Kong which covered warning of strong winds due to monsoon or less intense tropical cyclones. With effect from 15 April 1956, the Strong Monsoon Signal and the Tropical Cyclone Strong Wind Signal No. 3 were introduced to delineate the warnings for monsoon systems and tropical cyclones.

S at Start Time or End Time column indicates Summer Time HKT + 1 hour.