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Storm Surge Records

Storm surge records in Hong Kong during the passage of tropical cyclones

Database record since 1954
All times listed below are Hong Kong Standard Time
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Notes on storm surge records in Hong Kong
Early tidal measurements were conducted by visual observations. In the early 1950s, the first automatic tide gauge was set up at Arsenal Yard in Wanchai. The tide gauge was moved to North Point in October 1952 and then relocated to Quarry Bay in 1985. The tidal records measured at North Point and Quarry Bay during the overlapping period were compared and found no noticeable difference. Hence the tide gauge data from these two stations are regarded as from the same station and the tidal records at North Point and Quarry Bay together constitute the longest tidal record in Hong Kong. Other automatic tide gauges were installed in various locations since the 1960s.

Storm surge records in this webpage starts from 1954. Records prior to 1954 are incomplete. Summary of significant storm surge events in Hong Kong before 1954 can be found at

Storm surge is a rise of sea level due to the combined effects of low pressure and high winds associated with a tropical cyclone. It is the sea level rise above the astronomical tide and does not have a reference level.
Maximum sea level is the maximum tide level due to the combination of storm surge and astronomical tide during a tropical cyclone. The reference level used is the "Chart Datum".