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Observatory's Enhanced Lightning Location Information System becomes operational

31 May 2017

The Observatory's Lightning Location Information System has been enhanced with new computer hardware and software. The system has undergone trial run and optimization during the past year. It is now put into operation to provide lightning information to weather forecasters, other users and members of the public.

The new system features higher data processing power and more advanced lightning location detection algorithms, with enhanced capability in detecting both cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning within the territory. In comparison with the old system, the new system detects around 10 to 20% more cloud-to-ground lightning, whereas cloud-to-cloud lightning detection is roughly doubled.

Members of the public can access the lightning information within Hong Kong and nearby region through the Observatory's “Lightning Location Information” webpage:

Lightning location map on Observatory's webpage.
(The circles indicate cloud-to-ground lightning locations, and different colours denote different durations.)
cloud-to-ground lightning locations