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The Observatory provides weather information on 'WeChat'

30 July 2014

Following social networking websitesTwitter and Weibo, the Observatory starts providing weather information through her official account on 'WeChat' today (30 July 2014). The official account is named as '香港天文台 HKO'*. From this account, users can acquire weather information provided by the Observatory, including weather warnings, special weather tips, weather forecasts, TV weather programmes, my location weather, regional weather, tropical cyclone information, satellite imagery, and weather radar imagery, etc.

Please follow the Observatory's 'WeChat' account now to obtain the latest weather information:

  1. In the 'Contact' tab, press 'Add Contacts' on the top right and select 'Official Accounts'. Enter 'HKO' in the search box and then press 'follow'.
  2. Scan the following QR code, and then press 'follow' in 'WeChat' app.

QR code

*Remark: The Observatory's official account is only viewable to International WeChat users.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 1:Sample screen of Observatory's
official 'WeChat' account

Figure 2:Sample screen of using 'your
location weather' on Observatory's
official 'WeChat' account