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More Channels to Receive Weather Warning Notifications

20 August 2012

Members of the public now using the Hong Kong Observatory's mobile application (app) called "MyObservatory" can receive notifications of weather warning. These notifications of weather warning are now also made available through the "GovHK Notifications" app.

Launched by The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the "GovHK Notifications" app provides a one-stop platform for the public to receive important or urgent government alerts in a timely manner. There are nine categories of alerts or notifications, namely weather warnings, air pollution alerts, food alerts, traffic information, leisure facilities, immigration information, Student Financial Assistance Agency information, tax information, rates and government rent messages. Under the "Weather Warning" category, users can choose the types of weather warning they would like to receive.

iOS and Android version are available for this app. Members of the public can download the app for free from the webpage below:

iOS version:
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Android version:
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Sample Screen showing weather warning notification

Sample Screen showing weather
warning notification