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Android Version of "MyObservatory" Launch Today (30 November)

30 November 2010

To enhance weather service, the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) launched today (30 Nov 2010) the "MyObservatory" application on Android platform to provide personalized weather service.

Making use of positioning software or mobile devices to estimate your current location, the "MyObservatory" displays latest weather information, including temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind direction, wind speed and weather photo, from the nearby weather stations automatically. The "MyObservatory" also features a series of functions for you to obtain the following weather information readily:

• 7-day weather forecast;
• Weather warnings;
• UV index report and forecast;
• Satellite and radar images;
• Forecast of major world cities;
• Astronomical and tide information;
• Weather for south China coastal waters;
• HKO storm track of tropical cyclone on Google map;
• Lightning locations on Google map; and
• HKO YouTube video.

The "MyObservatory" personalized weather service was launched on the HKO's website in March this year. The service was also available on personal digital assistant and iPhone. The "MyObservatory" has become very popular and the page views statistics already exceeded 100 millions by the end of October.

Interested parties with an Android device (version 2.1 or higher) could go to Android Market, and enter keyword "MyObservatory" in the search box at the top right hand corner (Figure 2) to find the application software for download.

Figure 1 (a) Figure 1(b)

Figure 1 (a) & (b) : Sample displays in "MyObservatory" a suite of weather
information is readily available

Figure 2

Figure 2 : Go to Android Market, and enter
"MyObservatory" in the search box at the
top right hand corner to find the application