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The Observatory enhances the history webpage

28 August 2012

The Hong Kong Observatory has recently enhanced its history webpage, incorporating a number of valuable historical information and photographs to illustrate the major milestones in the history of the Observatory. Historical information and photos that worth mentioning include the time ball in the early years of the Observatory (1885), the title of Royal Observatory (1912) announced by the Hong Kong Government Gazette (1912), weather observations on the back of cigarette pack during the war years (1943), employing the first weather radar in the late 1950s and using fixed-wing aircraft in 2011 to collect meteorological data on tropical cyclones, etc.

The Observatory's history webpage provides specific information regarding the major technological advancement in the Observatory's history, co-operation between the Observatory and meteorological services in the region and enhancement in the Observatory's services, etc.

The Observatory's history webpage is available at: