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Climate Change TV Documentary - "Sinking Islands"

25 May 2012

As the understanding of climate change unfolds, many dubbed it as the greatest threat that humankind has ever faced. To increase public awareness on this important subject, RTHK has produced a 5-episode TV documentary, "Sinking Islands".

Hosted by Mr LEUNG Wing-mo, ex-Assistant Director of the Observatory, the documentary will take you to the little known South Pacific nation, Kiribati, as well as other places where rising sea level compounded by other consequences of climate change are affecting the lives and livelihood of the people there. You will see first hand how these countries and their people are coping and adapting to the challenges.

"Sinking Islands" will be premiered in TVB Jade at 7:30 pm on 5 consecutive Sundays starting from 27 May 2012. Please refer to RTHK's website or the following YouTube trailers for detailed information: