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Technical Notes (No.1-50)

Technical Notes

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This table lists the technical notes published by the Hong Kong Observatory (1-50).
No. Title Author Year Size View
*1 Synoptic situation associated with strong winds at the Royal Observatory R.C. Bannister 1949 419k pdf
*2 Meteorological observations in connection with the Deep Bay airport project --- 1950 2,696k pdf
*3 Fogs at Waglan Island & their relationship to fogs in Hong Kong harbour K.R. Hung 1951 1,409k pdf
*4 Frequency distribution of summer rain duration at Hong Kong G. Ma 1952 255k pdf
*5 Upper winds determined by radar 1949 - 1951 G.J. Bell & H.Q. Loo 1953 825k pdf
*6 Intensity & duration of rainfall in Hong Kong G.S.P. Heywood & H.C. Huang 1953 476k pdf
*7 Evapotranspiration measurements made in Hong Kong, Oct 1951 - May 1953 C.S. Ramage 1953 553k pdf
*8 Meteorological aspects of scheme D, airport development plan G.S.P. Heywood 1953 503k pdf
*9 Storm microseisms in Hong Kong (Preliminary report) G.S.P. Heywood 1954 880k pdf
*10 Hong Kong forecaster's manual C.S. Ramage 1955 4,519k pdf
*11 An analysis of low cloud & poor visibility at Hong Kong airport, 1949 - 1955 E.T. Baker 1955 11,188k pdf
*12 Median & quartile upper air temperatures at given pressure levels at Hong Kong 1949 - 1955 R.F. Apps & Y.Y. Lo 1955 828k pdf
*13 Artificial & orographic stimulation of rainfall in Hong Kong C.S. Ramage & G.J. Bell 1955 3,629k pdf
14 Solar data for Hong Kong (Revised edition) J.E. Peacock 1978 1,482k pdf
*15 Results of experimental radiosonde ascents carried out during the partial solar eclipse of 20th June, 1955 at Hong Kong R.F. Apps 1956 1,459k pdf
*16 An analysis of low cloud & poor visibility at Sek Kong, May 1951 - Apr 1955 E.T. Baker & R.G. Hughes 1956 9,471k pdf
*17 The rainfall of Hong Kong (Second edition) P. Peterson 1964 3,609k pdf
*18 Modification of the normal lag & radiation corrections for the Kew type radiosonde in the troposphere R.F. Apps 1958 1,670k pdf
19 Results of the experimental radiosonde ascents made at Hong Kong during the solar eclipse April 19, 1958 R.F. Apps 1959 1,208k pdf
*20 An analysis of surface winds at the new runway of Hong Kong airport 1956 - 1958 P.C. Chin 1959 4,539k pdf
*20s Supplement - an additional analysis of surface winds & associated temperatures at Hong Kong airport 1956-1958 P.C. Chin 1961 8,771k pdf
*21 Errors of upper-wind forecasts P.C. Chin & H.C. Leong 1964 695k pdf
*22 Total solar & sky radiation in Hong Kong P. Sham 1964 1,219k pdf
*23 Natural beta-radioactivity & beta-activity of fallout in Hong Kong 1962 - 1965 R.F. Apps 1965 1,620k pdf
*24 A statistical study of heavy rainfall in Hong Kong 1947 - 1965 S.S.M. Cheng & W.H. Kwok 1966 3,081k pdf
*25 Wave heights in the southeast approaches to Hong Kong harbour M.J. Cuming 1967 3,299k pdf
*26 Storm surges in Hong Kong T.T. Cheng 1967 1,590k pdf
27 Effect of cool season tropical disturbance in the South China Sea on the weather of Hong Kong M.J. Cuming 1968 4,059k pdf
*28 Cold surges over South China P.C. Chin 1969 2,036k pdf
29 Meteorological aspects of air pollution in Hong Kong G.J. Bell, P. Peterson & P.C. Chin 1970 3,387k pdf
*30 The "Control Point" method for the prediction of tropical cyclone movement P.C. Chin 1970 1,974k pdf
31 Comparison between the results obtained with the Kew MK IIB and the Vaisala RS 13 radiosondes under operational conditions in Hong Kong R.F. Apps 1971 2,180k pdf
32 Markov chains and sequences of wet and dry days in Hong Kong J.E. Peacock 1972 3,856k pdf
*33 Seismicity of Hong Kong R. Lau 1972 2,239k pdf
34 Radar climatology of Hong Kong for the years 1967 - 1969 T.T. Cheng & W.P. Kwong 1973 2,195k pdf
35 Quantitative forecasting of the winter monsoon in Hong Kong A.M. Morrice 1973 2,463k pdf
36 Sea waves at Waglan Island Hong Kong R.F. Apps & T.Y. Chen 1973 4,826k pdf
37 Statistical bias of objective techniques for predicting tropical cyclone movement used in Hong Kong P.C. Chin 1974 1,114k pdf
38 Tropical cyclone rainfall in Hong Kong W.P. Kwong 1974 6,693k pdf
39 A simple objective method of forecasting mean temperatures for winter months in East and Southeast Asia using 500-millibar and 100-millibar height anomalies P. Sham 1975 2,601k pdf
*40 The August rainstorms of 1969 and 1972 in Hong Kong H.K. Lam 1975 3,847k pdf
41 Comparison of surface winds in Hong Kong T.Y. Chen 1975 1,551k pdf
*42 Evaporation and evapotranspiration in Hong Kong T.Y. Chen 1976 5,315k pdf
43 A method for forecasting the arrival of cold surges in Hong Kong E.W.K. Chu 1978 3,218k pdf
44 Dry spells during mid-summer over South China S.S.M. Cheng 1978 3,200k pdf
45 Estimation of wind speeds near sea-level during tropical cyclone conditions in Hong Kong P.C. Chin & H.C. Leong 1978 2,443k pdf
46 Wind shear at Hong Kong International Airport in four squally shower situations T.Y. Chen 1978 4,772k pdf
47 A remote recording digital tilting-bucket raingauge H.K. Lam & P.C.S. Li 1979 1,641k pdf
48 Comparison of waves recorded at Waglan Island and at Kwun Mun T.Y. Chen 1979 3,373k pdf
49 Comparison of air temperatures taken from a thermometer screen, a thatched shed and a whirling thermometer T.Y. Chen 1979 2,215k pdf
50 Spectral analysis of sea waves at Waglan Island, Hong Kong T.Y. Chen 1979 3,039k pdf

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