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Hong Kong Observatory Calendar

Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2022 is on sale now!

photo by Kenneth Wong


The Theme of the Calendar


The calendar displays beautiful photos of weather and optical phenomena. Most of them were contributed by photography enthusiasts on the Community Weather Observing Scheme. The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) hopes that the photos would encourage the general public to protect the environment, raise their awareness of climate change and its impact, and inspire them to embrace a greener lifestyle and contribute to disaster reduction.



Information in the Calendar


Each calendar photo has a QR code that allows readers to access information about the photo. The calendar also contains climate and astronomical information, including monthly climatological data and special climatological events, the times for the rising and setting of the sun and the moon, dates of eclipses of the sun and the moon, as well as tidal information. A complimentary calendar card is attached with the calendar.




 At $26 a copy, the calendar is available for sale at the online Government Bookstore, the HKO Resource Centre, the Publications Sales Unit of the Information Services Department and the Kowloon Map Publications Centre of the Lands Department.