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Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2016 on sale

25 November 2015

The exquisite Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2016 will go on sale tomorrow (November 26).

The calendar contains many beautiful weather photos taken in Hong Kong. Same as last year, these photos were collected by the Observatory from the social media. Some photos show relatively rare phenomena such as anti-crepuscular rays and fallstreak hole. Furthermore, Asperitas, the first new cloud type to be officially recognised by the World Meteorological Organization since 1951, has been captured in photo for the first time in Hong Kong.

This year, each calendar photo provides a Quick Response (QR) code for readers to access materials explaining different weather phenomena and corresponding information. The calendar also contains useful climatological and astronomical information, including monthly climatological data and climatological events, the times for the rising and setting of the sun and the moon, dates of eclipses of the sun and the moon, and tidal information.

At $44 a copy, the calendar is an ideal Christmas and New Year gift for friends and relatives. It is on sale at the Observatory's Resource Centre, the Publications Sales Unit of the Information Services Department and the Kowloon Map Publications Centre of the Lands Department. The calendar is also available through the online Government Bookstore at

Figure 1
The cover of the Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2016.

Figure 2
The 12 weather photos in the Hong Kong Observatory Calendar 2016 at a glance.