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Hong Kong Observatory Almanac 2016 on sale

23 November 2015

"The Hong Kong Observatory Almanac 2016" will go on sale tomorrow (24 November). This year, the Almanac has been enhanced with a detailed Sun Path Diagram from which readers can obtain the solar azimuth and altitude for Hong Kong throughout the year.

The Almanac is bilingual (English and Chinese) and packed with information tabulated by month, including the traditional Chinese calendar, solar terms and moon phases, as well as the times of daily sunrise, sun transit, sunset, moonrise, moon transit, moonset, high and low tides. The times of meridian passage and the rising and setting of the sun and planets are graphically illustrated. Also included in the publication are star maps of the four quarters of the year, duration of twilight, details of solar and lunar eclipses, background information on calendars, determination of apparent solar time, as well as observation of meteor streams and planetary phenomena. A survey form is also included in the centre-fold of the publication for readers to provide feedback to the Observatory about the publication.

At HK$44 a copy, the Hong Kong Observatory Almanac 2016 is available for sale at the Hong Kong Observatory Resource Centre, the Publications Sales Unit of the Information Services Department and the Kowloon Map Publications Centre of the Lands Department. The Almanac is also available through the online Government Bookstore at

The cover of the Hong Kong Observatory Almanac 2016.