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Observatory launches new weather satellite images

28 December 2009

The Hong Kong Observatory today (28 December) launched a new website ( depicting the images from the latest weather satellite in the Chinese Fengyun-2 series, viz. FY-2E.

The FY-2E satellite is a geostationary weather satellite operated by the China Meteorological Administration. It was put to operation on 23December, taking over the mission of FY-2C. The two operational satellites in the Fengyun-2 series - FY-2D and FY-2E - are located over the equator at 86.5 degrees East and 105 degrees East respectively. They capture cloud images of the Asia-Pacific region round the clock.

"FY-2D and FY-2E satellites together provide "twin-satellite observations". Each satellite makes observation once an hour", Senior Scientific Officer of the Observatory, Dr Cheng Cho-ming said. "During the rainy and tropical cyclone seasons, the frequency of their observations is enhanced to twice an hour. The two satellites in tandem are useful for tracking hazardous weather. They are indispensable for tropical cyclone and rainstorm warning services, contributing towards the prevention and mitigation of disasters."

Webpage of FY-2E satellite images.
Webpage of FY-2E satellite images.