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Name Meaning
Nakri A kind of flower
Krovanh A kind of tree
Maysak A kind of tree
Krosa Crane
Trases Woodpecker
Ampil A kind of tropical fruit, more commonly known as “tamarind”
Damrey Elephant
Nesat Fishing
Kong-rey Pretty girl in Khmer legend/The name of mountain
Chanthu A kind of flower


Name Pronunciation Meaning
Yutu yu-tu The Jade Hare. The hare which lives on the moon. Chang'e, wife of Yi (a tribal chief in ancient China), stole her husband's elixir of immortality, and fled to the moon together with the hare. They are said to be still living there in a palace.
Wukong wu-kong The King of the monkeys. In the classical novel Journey to the West , he escorted the Tang Dynasty monk, Xuanzang, on a journey to India in search of the Buddhist scriptures. In the course of numerous hardships on the road, Wukong subdued one monster after another.
Dujuan du-juan Azalea
Haikui hai-kui Sea anemones. Marine animals resembling flowers.
Haishen hai-shen The God of the Sea. Traditionally, sailors and fishermen would offer sacrifices to this god for safe voyages before they set sail or when they encountered stormy weather.
Dianmu dian-mu Mother of Lightning. The goddess in charge of thunder and lightning.
Fengshen feng-shen The God of Wind.
Mulan mu-lan Magnolia, a kind of flower native to China.
Bailu bailu A white deer, which stands for auspiciousness in Chinese language.
Haitang hai-tang The Chinese flowering crabapple.

DPR Korea

Name Pronunciation Meaning
Surigae - A kind of eagles
Jongdari joŋdari Skylark
Podul - Tree usually found in the towns and countries. In the sultry weather people take rest and enjoy chatting under the shadow of Podul (Willow).
Toraji - Beautiful flower which blooms unnoticed, usually found in deep mountains of Korea, for its usefulness as food and medicine.
Nalgae - It (Wing) means flying, dynamic and free motion.
Kalmaegi - Bird (Sea gull) usually found wherever in the sea, which is an emblem of sea.
Kirogi - Migrating bird (Wild goose), the flock of which comes in Autumn to Korea and flies in early spring to the far North. Their appearance in Korea every year resembles Typhoon habit.
Meari - It (Echo) means that once Typhoon forms, the Typhoon Committee's notification echoes over to its members.
Noul - Glows, Red Sky.
Mindulle - Small and yellow flower (Dandelion) which blooms in the field when spring comes, almost in the same time, which represents simple and gentle minds of Korean women.

Hong Kong, China

Name Pronunciation Meaning
Fung-wong fung-wong Phoenix, also the name of a peak in Hong Kong.
Ma-on ma-on Horse saddle , also the name of a peak in Hong Kong.
Shanshan sarn-sarn A fairly common pet name for young girls.
Dolphin dol-fin Chinese White Dolphins living in Hong Kong waters, also a mascot of Hong Kong.
Lingling ling-ling A fairly common pet name for young girls.
Banyan ban-yan A tree commonly found in the southern part of China.
Man-yi mun-yi Name of a strait originally. With the construction of a dam, that part of the sea has become a reservoir.
Kai-tak kai-dug Name of the old airport in Hong Kong, which was closed in 1998.
Choi-wan choi-wun("un" as in "under") Colourful cloud, also the name of a housing estate in Hong Kong.
Lionrock lie-un-rock Name of a peak in Hong Kong which overlooks Kowloon Peninsula.


Name Meaning
Tembin Libra (balance: a weighing device)
Yagi Capricornus (goat)
Usagi Lepus (rabbit)
Kajiki Dorado (spearfish)
Kammuri Corona Borealis (crown)
Kujira Cetus (whale)
Koguma Ursa Minor
Kompasu Circinus (compass: a V-shaped device for describing circles or circular arcs)
Tokage Lacerta (lizard)
Hato Columba (pigeon)


Name Meaning
Leepi Most beautiful waterfall in southern Lao
Pabuk Big fresh water fish
Chan-hom A kind of tree
Hinnamnor A National Protected Area in Lao PDR
Phanfone Animal
Faxai Lady name
Bolaven Plateau
Champi Waxy flower with a sweet scent
Namtheun River
Pakhar A fresh water fish which lives in lower Mekong River

Macau, China

Name Meaning
Linfa Lotus, an oriental water lily with pinkish flowers and large leaves. It is the city flower of Macau.
Muifa Plum blossom, flower that can grow in very cold weather. It represents a strong-minded Chinese.
Peipah A popular pet fish in Macao.
Sanba A tourist resort in Macao.
Sanvu Coral, it is a hard substance often used for jewelry, formed by the skeletons of tiny sea animals, massed together in great numbers. Many Macau souvenirs are made of it.
Malou Agate, it is a very hard stone with bands of color and often used for ornaments. Many Macau souvenirs are made of it.
Wutip Butterfly, it is an insect with four broad, colorful wings. You can find different kinds of butterfly in the countryside of Macau islands during Spring and Summer.
Vongfong Wasp, it is an insect with wings, yellow and black stripes across its body and often inflicts a painful sting. People are usually frightened of it just like typhoon coming.
In-fa Fireworks.
Bebinca Macanese Milk Pudding, favorite Macanese food found in Portuguese restaurants of Macau.


Name Pronunciation Meaning
Jelawat jer-la-wa-t Also known as Sultan fish. This fresh-water carp fish is normally found in big rivers. It is a very tasty fish and very much sought after by gourmets.
Mawar ma-wa-r Rose, a common garden plant, with bigger-sized varieties found in the highlands of Malaysia.
Cempaka - Plant that known for its fragrant flowers.
Nyatoh - A kind of tree that grows in tropical rainforests in southeast Asia.
Merbok mer-bok A spotted-necked dove, most commonly found in the rural areas and on wasteland, is a popular caged bird by the local inhabitants of Malaysia.
Nangka nang-ka Also known as Jackfruit. This oval-shaped, yellow fruit is very popular in Malaysia.
Rumbia rum-bi-a A type of palm tree that yields sago. This tree is normally found along riverbanks, swampy areas or areas near water.
Nuri - Blue crowned parroquet in the Malay language.
Sepat se-pa-t A fresh water fish with small climbing perch, is often found in rivers, swampy areas with a lot of weeds and paddy fields.
Tapah ta-pa-h This giant fresh water catfish is the largest Malaysian fresh-water fish.


Name Pronunciation Meaning
Sinlaku SIN-la-kou Legendary Kosrae Goddess
Nepartak knee-PAR-tack Famous Kosrae warrior
Saudel SOW-del Legendary Pohnpei Chief Soudelor’s trusted guard/soldier
Ewiniar EE-win-yar Chuuk traditional storm God
Mun Moon Yapese for month of June
Mitag ME-tok "My eyes", a Yapese woman's name
Soulik SOW-lick Traditional Pohnpei Chief's title
Nanmadol nan-MA-dol A famous Pohnpei ruin, the "Venice of the Pacific"
Rai - The stone money of Yap
Guchol goo-CHOL Yapese word for the spice Tumeric


Name Pronunciation Meaning
Maliksi - Fast
Cimaron SEE-MAH-RON Philippine wild ox
Danas DAH-NAS To experience; to feel
Hagibis HA-GEE-BEES Swift; fast
Hagupit HA-GOO-PEET Lash; flog
Molave - A popular hard wood used in furniture
Lupit LOO-PEET Cruel; viciousness
Malakas MAH-LAH-KAS Strong; powerful
Talas TAH-LAS Sharpness; acuteness
Talim TAH-LEEM Sharp or cutting edge

Republic of Korea

Name Pronunciation Meaning
Jebi* je-bi A swallow.
A small bird with long wings and a forked tail that eats insects, which visits Korea in Spring.
Neoguri* neo-gu-ri A raccoon dog; a cunning animal.
A small greyish-brown animal with black markings on its face and its thick furry tail.
Gaemi* gae-mi An ant.
A very small insect that lives in highly organized groups. It often appears in Korean fairy tales as a symbol of diligence.
Goni* go-ni A swan; symbol of loyalty
A large graceful, usually white, bird with a long thin neck that lives on rivers, lakes, etc. It flies to Korea from Siberia in winter.
Megi me-gi A catfish.
A large fish found mainly in rivers, lakes, etc, with long whiskers round its mouth. It is related to the feelings of getting wet.
Doksuri - A bird of prey.
Nari na-ri A lily.
A kind of plant which grows from a bulb, with large white or coloured flowers, commonly found in Korea in summer.
Noru no-ru A roe deer; a kind animal.
A type of small deer living in the wild forest.
Jangmi* jang-mi A rose; symbol of fashion.
A sweet-smelling flower that grows on a bush and usually has thorns on its stems.
Mirinae - Milky Way.


Name Meaning
Kulap Rose
Prapiroon God of rain
Khanun Thai fruit (Jackfruit)
Mangkhut A kind of fruit
Mekkhala Angel of thunder
Chaba Tropical flower (the shoeflower, genus Hibicus)
Atsani Lightning flash
Wipha Name of woman
Nida Name of woman
Bualoi A kind of Thai dessert


Name Pronunciation Meaning
Barijat Bah REE jat Marshallese for “coastal areas impacted by waves/winds”
Aere - Marshallese word for "storm"
Matmo - Heavy rain
Omais OH-mice Palauan word for "wandering around"
Etau A-tau Palauan word for "storm cloud"
Higos HEE-gos Chamorro word for the fruit "fig"
Roke row-KEE Chamorro man's name
Francisco FRAN-cis-co Chamorro man's name
Maria MA-ree-ah Chamorro woman's name
Lan Lang Marshallese for “storm”

Viet Nam

Name Meaning
Saola A rare precious species of animal recently found in the western part of Hatinh province (Central Viet Nam) and is "protected" in Viet Nam.
Sonca A kind of singing bird with beautiful twittering, lives in mountainous areas.
Trami A kind of tree belonging to the rose family, its flowers are pink or red without perfume, is used as decorative tree.
Son-Tinh God of mountain.
Lekima A kind of tree whose fruit has only one seed surrounded by yellow pulp which looks like a yolk.
Bavi A mountain chain in Hatay province (about 40 km west of Hanoi) with its peak of 1281 m, where there is a national forest.
Conson A picturesque place of Haihung province, consists of mountain, pine forest, streams, temples, pagodas and many historical monuments.
Songda A branch of the Red river (the biggest one in northern Viet Nam) which originates from China, is characterized by falls and waterfalls with high hydroelectric potential.
Vamco A river in the southwestern part of Viet Nam and originates from Cambodia.
Halong A famous picturesque place in Viet Nam which was claimed heritage by UNESCO, lies in the Bacbo Gulf and consists of more than 1,000 isles, most of them are limestone islands.

* Spelling slightly modified at the request of the originating country