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Related Advisory Information from Bureaux and Departments

Related Advisory Information and Arrangements from Bureaux and Departments in Tropical Cyclone Situations

When a No. 3 Signal is issued, the Education Bureau will make an announcement through radio and television that all kindergartens are closed. The Social Welfare Department will make an announcement, through radio and TV, as to the opening or closure of child care centres, social centres for the elderly, sheltered workshops and recreational centres for the disabled and discharged mental patients.

When a No. 3 Signal is issued, all public examinations will be held as scheduled.

When a No. 3 Signal is issued, the Home Affairs Department (HAD) will activate the Emergency Hotline (Tel. 2572 8427) with manning round the clock for answering public enquiries on matters relating to the tropical cyclone.

Typhoon shelters are normally open at all times. However, some of them may be filled rapidly after the issuing of a tropical cyclone signal. Whenever a tropical cyclone signal is issued, the Marine Department will closely monitor the availability of all typhoon shelter mooring space and inform the Information Services Department accordingly at regular intervals. The latter will then release this information to the public through the electronic media.

Regular bulletins will be issued on the availability of public transport services, some of which may have to be suspended at short notice as the storm progresses. The Police will also issue regular advisory notices about road conditions.

If the No. 8 Signal is likely to be issued, the Hong Kong Observatory will advise the public about two hours before the signal is issued. This advance notice is to enable the public to prepare for the No.8 signal, as well as to enable employers to begin a staggered release of staff and workers, giving priority to those with long or difficult journeys home, so as to spread out the demand for public transport services.

At the same time, an announcement will be made by the Education Bureau to close all schools for the day.

In the event children are already on their way to school by the time the No. 8 advisory notice is issued, schools will make arrangements for teachers to be on hand to receive the students and look after them until it is safe for them to return home.

If a No. 8 Signal is likely to be issued, candidates for public examinations should listen to radio or television announcements by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority. If the No. 8 Signal is issued before a public examination session starts, the examination will be cancelled. If the No. 8 Signal is issued when a public examination session is in progress, the examination will continue unless the physical conditions in the examination centre are dangerous.

Employers who require employees to work during the period when Typhoon Signal No. 8 is issued should clearly state the requirement before the employment commences or if this is not practicable, sufficient notice should be given. Employers should provide these employees with adequate facilities to ensure their safety at work under such circumstances.

When a No. 8 Signal is issued, the HAD will also arrange to open temporary shelters to provide temporary accommodation to people taking refuge from the storm.

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