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Aviation weather information on mobile platform

27 July 2010

The Observatory now provides aviation weather information on mobile platforms such as iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry to enhance support to aviation users in making time-critical decisions related to weather. The Observatory has been providing aviation weather information through a web-based information delivery system dedicated for aviation users called the Aviation Meteorological Information Dissemination System (AMIDS). Airlines, dispatchers and pilots obtain meteorological information and the enroute weather forecast for flight planning. Air traffic controllers use information provided on AMIDS to support air traffic flow management. Ramp operators rely on Aerodrome Warning disseminated on AMIDS to protect them from severe weather affecting the airport (such as thunderstorms and strong winds). General aviators could access latest weather situation (such as real-time weather photos and winds) over local territory via AMIDS.

The new mobile feature enables the users to obtain the required information any time anywhere. The new service was introduced to aviation users recently at the Liaison Group Meeting on Aviation Weather Services and was welcomed by aviation users. AMIDS users can refer to the instructions on AMIDS for installing the digital certificate required in accessing the system.

AMIDS mobile version

AMIDS mobile version on iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platform (from left to right)