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The Hong Kong Observatory provides training to the international meteorological community

8 December 2009

The training course "Basic Operation of Weather Radar and Use of Radar Products" organized by the Hong Kong Observatory, as part of the Observatory's contribution to the World Meteorological Organization Voluntary Cooperation Programme, was held between 30 November and 4 December. It was attended by ten participants from Mainland China, Fiji, Guyana, Honduras, Indonesia, Laos, Macedonia, Maldives, Myanmar and Niger. The trainees highly commended the Observatory for the outstanding organization of the course, and regarded the training very rewarding and useful. Participants are expected to take an active role in improving the operation of their weather radars as well as in the better use of radar products after returning to their home countries.

photo 1

Participants taking part in the training course.

photo 2

Participants visiting the Tai Mo Shan Weather Radar Station.

photo 2

Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Dr. Lee Boon-ying (front row centre), and course participants at the certificate presentation ceremony on 4 December 2009.