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Civil Service Bureau commends the Observatory's work for 2008 Olympics

11 June 2008

Two video clips dedicated for introducing the work of the Hong Kong Observatory in supporting the 2008 Olympic Games are now available on the Observatory website

The first clip titled 'Weather Services for 2008 Beijing Olympics and Hongkong Windsurfing Team' introduces the Observatory's SWIRLS system that helps to capture any severe weather in the vicinity of the main venues in Beijing, and how the Observatory supports the Hong Kong Windsurfing Team. The second one 'Weather Services for 2008 Olympic Equestrian Events' talks about how we support the equestrian events to be held in Hong Kong, including the Heat Stress Index monitoring system developed by the Observatory.

These two video clips with 19 others are produced by the Civil Service Bureau on model cases in 16 departments to promote public awareness of the work of civil servants and to commend exemplary services provided by government departments. The video clips are being shown to the public in over 300 government premises starting 16 May.