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Interactive Sun Path Diagram

Interactive Sun Path Diagram ( )
Note :
  1. The webpage is best viewed by the following browsers. If your browser is not supported, you may not be able to use some special features and the response could be relatively slow. Presentation of the webpage may vary according to different browsers, computers and operating systems.
    • Internet Explorer 8,9, 10 or 11
    • Firefox
    • Chrome

  2. This webpage provides astronomical information for the current year and the following two years. All astronomical information is calculated based on astronomical data provided by the HM Nautical Almanac Office, United Kingdom and the United States Naval Observatory. The default location is set to mean sea level at latitude 22.3020°, longitude 114.1743°, which is the location of the Hong Kong Observatory.
  3. Select time, and enter latitude as well as longitude, then click on the  Display  button to calculate the corresponding position of the sun. Depending on the compatibility and configuration of the browser, user can read the time and location of the device by clicking respectively the buttons  Now  and  Local 
  4. By default, position of the sun is expressed in terms of horizontal coordinate system. Users may select equatorial coordinate system or ecliptic coordinate system to show the sun’s position relative to the mass centre of the earth.
  5. The background color of the diagram is light blue   in daytime and dark blue   throughout the night
  6. The thick yellow line represents the sun path of the day with blue dots marking the clock hours. Sun’s position of the specified time is marked with red dot.